Thursday, May 21, 2009

JAMBOE Music Video

I was going through some old video and found this from 2 years ago when I was goofing around with Final Cut Pro and made this.  We made it when Jamboe was still sprouting its wings in our minds.  We have the Commissioner (this was at his going away party before he enlisted...let's hope he's a little more mentally tough now) and Mike - the co-creators in this video.  It was made at the Reese Complex which would eventually host the Inaugural JAMBOE Cup.  We also have myself with a historical 4-bagger to end a match.  
Things to look for:
-constant shenangians being used to screw each other up.
-contrasting styles of play: Jon-o's origami fold, Joel's front foot release; KJ's helicopter; Mike's reverse spin.  the point is that there are many ways to play the game.
-The zoom in on Joel's nipples.
-calling my shot before the final round.
-the homo-erotic embrace after victory.

Enjoy! and leave feedback.


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  1. Nice Work! I need to get the video from Huff. I also need to get all pictures that were taken and get it over to BC for the promotional JAMBOE video he is going to put together.