Friday, June 17, 2011

To All the Shenanigans...

Y'all Mad???

Full recap coming...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Glad to be a Heartbreaker

Final reflection before Jamboe Cup III:

I'm glad I don't play on the same team with these Nancy boys!

Hearts will break tomorrow!

KJ out!

Friday, May 20, 2011



Here we go again. It's almost that time. JAMBOE CUP III preparations are being made each day. I have posted the new format for this year. It is very similar to year's past except we removed the best out of 3 element from the early rounds. You can see the details of each round listed below. Let the games begin.

Round 1
10 Singles Matches
-One game to 21
-5 points each
-Random Seeding

Round 2
10 Singles Matches
-One game to 21
-5 points each
-Opposite team seeds players

Round 3
5 Doubles matches
-One game to 21
-10 points each
-Opposite team picks the pairings and seeds.

Round 4
5 Doubles matches
-Two out of three games to 21
-10 points each
-Random seeding

Round 5
5 Doubles matches
-Two out of three games to 21
-15 points each
-Rank pairings top to bottom

Monday, June 28, 2010


The Captains pretend to be friends...but on this day, it was all business.

On June 27, 2010, the Heartbreakers and Shenanigans renewed their historic (1 year) rivalry in West Homewood, AL. While people from around the globe tuned in (to the World Cup), JAMBOE Cup II was on in a big way.
The Shenanigans revamped their roster and looked to exact revenge on the team that took their manhood last year in dramatic fashion. The captaincies shifted to Ben Beaumont (Shenanigans) and "The Godfather" David Knight (Heartbreakers) from last year's vocal duo Jackson and Eady.
After some announcements were made on rules and what was at stake, it was GAME ON. The blazing sun was no match for the competitive fire that burned throughout the day.

Announcements at the beginning

Captain's meeting before gameplay begins

The Heartbreakers jumped out to an early lead behind big victories from Knight, Jackson, and Tyler Franks who took down the captain, co-captain, and hot newcomer to the Shenanigans in Eady, Beaumont, and Maddox Casey. But the Shenanigans struck a late blow in the round behind an unexpected Jay Dillon victory over Seth Grissom in straight sets, and Damon Jones coming from behind to win Games 2 and 3 and the buzzer.
Franks over Casey 21-0; 23-5
Hufstetler over King 16-21; 21-10; 21-6
Knight over Eady 21-19; 21-10
Dillon over Grissom 22-13; 23-18
Brister over Pennington 22-16; 5-21; 21-6
Garrison over Lee (Lo) 22-7; 21-19
J Reese over D Eady 22-15; 24-17
Jones over T Reese 15-21; 21-18; 21-20
Jackson over Beaumont 21-17; 21-2
McPhillips over Mosely 21-3; 21-0

Heartbreakers 30
Shenanigans 20

After the captains deliberated and set the orders, it was another round of singles competition. Once again, The Heartbreakers took advantage on the scoreboard.
The Shenanigans took the opening three matches of round 2, but were then defeated in 6 of the next 7, including a devastating 3 set loss to Tyler Reese by Maddox Casey.
After 2 rounds:
Heartbreakers 60
Shenanigans 40

The third round was team play, and a chance for the Shenanigans to grab some momentum before the final round. Alas, it was not to be as The Heartbreakers widened the gap on the strength of a JD King and Tyler Franks victory "swing match."
Dillon/Pennington over J Reese/Lo 21-11; 21-9
Knight/Brister over Beaumont/Huffy 21-1; 21-9
M. Eady/ Casey over T.Reese/Grissom 23-10; 23-13
Franks/King over D.Eady/Jones 10-21; 21-12; 21-12
Jackson/McPhillips over Mosely/Garrison 27-2; 21-2

Heartbreakers 90
Shenanigans 60

As the final round began, the Shenanigans knew they had to win four of the five matches to achieve their dreams of tasting victory in the JAMBOE Cup. The Heartbreakers knew that if they took care of business early, they could be home in time for a matinee. In the end, the Heartbreakers broke the will of their opponents and swept the final round, rendering the last two matches meaningless and unplayed.
JReese/Lo over Mosely/D Eady 21-12; 21-4
TReese/King over Jones/Garrison 22-4; 20-21; 21-6
Franks/Grissom over Beaumont/Pennington 22-4; 21-17

After Seth Grissom clinches the Cup, the Heartbreakers celebrate.

Final Score:
Heartbreakers 135
Shenanigans 60

Individual Awards:
Least Valuable Player - Ben Beaumont (Shenanigans, team captain)
Most Mary Ellens - David Eady (Shenanigans, did not wear the bikini)
Most Valuable Player - Kent Jackson (Heartbreakers)
Most Clutch - Tyler Franks (Heartbreakers)

Head games or friendship? No one knows on the day of JAMBOE Cup

Individual Winners Franks and Jackson

The A-Team

Tyler Reese, David Knight, Kent Jackson, Robert Brister, Jason Reese, JD King, Seth Grissom, Tyler Franks, Jason Lo Lee, and Jay McPhillips. The JAMBOE Cup II Champions.

Coming soon: the video of Captain Knight getting the gatorade bath.

Let the preparations begin for JAMBOE Cup III, and in the mean time, enjoy the Cup Heartbreakers! Feel free to post your thoughts and reflections in the comments section.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

JAMBOE Music Video

I was going through some old video and found this from 2 years ago when I was goofing around with Final Cut Pro and made this.  We made it when Jamboe was still sprouting its wings in our minds.  We have the Commissioner (this was at his going away party before he enlisted...let's hope he's a little more mentally tough now) and Mike - the co-creators in this video.  It was made at the Reese Complex which would eventually host the Inaugural JAMBOE Cup.  We also have myself with a historical 4-bagger to end a match.  
Things to look for:
-constant shenangians being used to screw each other up.
-contrasting styles of play: Jon-o's origami fold, Joel's front foot release; KJ's helicopter; Mike's reverse spin.  the point is that there are many ways to play the game.
-The zoom in on Joel's nipples.
-calling my shot before the final round.
-the homo-erotic embrace after victory.

Enjoy! and leave feedback.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


About 4 months ago, Mike and I took it upon ourselves (and got some major help from David Knight and Ben Beaumont) to plan an event to get our friends together to play our favorite lawn and tailgate game (seen above) that we call JAMBOE. 

Before the matches began, KJ, Mikey, and The Godfather

We decided we would be the captains of two 10-12 man teams and have a Ryder Cup Style event one Saturday afternoon.  It had rules, rounds, jerseys, cold beverages...basically it had everything.  Mike even built a new set of boards (all in all 5 different people brought their own set of boards, but we only used 3).  

the famous SEC boards belonging to The Godfather

The team Mike captained was named "The Shenanigans" for the phase of the game when you try to screw up your opponent.  My team was named "The Heartbreakers," which is what it is called when you put one in the hole on the last throw of the round, thus breaking the other team's heart.  

The Shenanigans living up to their name

What we envisioned for JAMBOE Cup tossing bags in a spirit of competition.

Ian, Rob (keeping the official score), Lo, and Capt. Jackson monitoring
 The Heartbreaker's progress.
Sometimes in pursuit of the Cup, brother must battle brother. Jason and Adam Reese.
A good look at the jersey in action.

Some players make interesting fashion choices
A rare moment of sportsmanship shown by Jason Reese and Ben Beaumont

The gallery

After a round of individual matches, The Heartbreakers led by 10 points, each match being worth 5.  In round 2, there was a random pairing system, each match worth 10 that The Shenanigans took advantage of.  They took the lead and were ahead by 10 points.  All they needed was 3 more match wins before they would hoist the Inaugural JAMBOE Cup.  

The games got tight as the day went on.

In the final round, the two teams paired off their players, ranked the two man teams 1-6, and then played the corresponding ranking team - each match worth 15 points.  The 6's went first then 5's and so on, culminating in the top two teams playing.  My #1 ranked team finished our game early on the strength of Jay McPhillip's performance, cutting the Shenanigan lead down to 5 points, with one decisive match left - the battle of the #2 seeds.  As Dave Knight tossed in the winning JAMBOE, chaos ensued.  The Heartbreakers had come from behind!  They had won the Inaugural JAMBOE Cup.  After the individual awards were passed out, the JAMBOE Cup was presented, filled with beer, and passed around for a taste of victory.  As you can see, Lo's taste trickled down his chest a little:

Heartbreakers: Front L-R: Jason "The Lo" Lee, Tyler Reese, Seth Grissom, Tyler Franks, J.D. King, Jay McPhillips;
Back L-R:  "The Godfather" David Knight, Garrett Dean, Kent Jackson, Jason Reese (dressed in his Mary Ellen Award).

Individual Awards:
Most Mary Ellens:  Jason Reese

Least Valuable Player:  Adam Reese

Most Clutch:  "The Godfather" David Knight

Most Valuable Player:  Jay McPhillips